The Family


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The Family

Well, here is a little bit about the Claydons. Yes, that's us in the picture at the top of the page. From left to right we have Jenny and Malcolm, Mike and his wife Rachel, Andrea and Jon and finally Jo.

As you may have guessed, the Claydons are a family of long suffering Northampton Saints rugby fans. Actually Andrea married into Clan Claydon from a family of Leicester Tigers fans, which is the source of some friendly ribbing from both sides. I'm not sure Andrea's dad Trevor is quite over the shock of now being related to all these Saints.

Malcolm and Jenny

Malcolm and Jenny have lived in Worcester for the last 15 years. Malcolm retired in 2006 from his high powered job in Wales and is now working part time at Worcester University. Jenny retired from the University in 2007. Together they are the parents of Jon, Jo and Mike.

Jon and Andrea

Jon and Andrea live Surbiton, South West London, where they share a flat with their pet snakes. Jon works for a local council in their IT department and Andrea is working for Social Services up in London. In 2007 they were married on the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua.


Jo is still living in Northampton, where she works for the country' biggest building society. In her spare time, if she's not watching Saints play rugby then she will be pampering her two dogs Kiu and Newki.

Mike and Rachel

Mike and Rachel live in the idilic Worcester countryside at the Colliers Arms pub. Mike owns and runs this pub along with Rachel's mum Wendy and sister Charlie. The rest of Rachel's family pitch in at the pub too. Mike and Rachel were married in June of 2008. They have since bought a house in Bewdley which they are renovating with the hope of moving in early in 2009.

Pets Pics Page

Here are some pictures of the other residents of the various Claydon households.

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